Session Four Conversation Partner: Sponsorship Today

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The themes of Session One include:

  • A sign of hope
  • Emerging issues in Catholic health care
  • Sponsorship and health care transformation

Participants are expected to enter fully into a formational experience that enables them to articulate and integrate the foundational elements of Catholic health care sponsorship. At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Understand the biblical tradition of servanthood as foundational to Catholic health care
  • Articulate the essential role of the laity in the ministry of sponsorship
  • Understand the necessity of spiritual leadership
  • Identify current issues in U.S. health care and the impact on Catholic health ministry
  • Appreciate the essential relationship between sponsor and the Church

Pre-Reads: Session Four Pre-Reads will be available January 18, 2021
03/12/2021 at 2:00 PM (EST)   |  60 minutes
03/12/2021 at 2:00 PM (EST)   |  60 minutes
Session Summary: Session Four Summary will be available March 12, 2021
Participant Materials: Participant Materials will be available March 1, 2021